Sugar-Free philosophy

Why no sugar in NutriYummies?
Sugar in a multivitamin is an inherent contradiction. One should always limit excessive dietary sugar intake (see an excellent article on the dangers of sugar) but to intentionally put it in a kids multivitamin is wrong.
First, from a practical perspective and effectiveness, adding sugar to a multivitamin whether in the form of actual sugar (fructose) or gummy substance, limits the amount of actual nutrients available to be included in the vitamin itself. Therefore, one is essentially paying for a very expensive sugar pill that happens to have some included b vitamins. Second, and equally important, making kids vitamins taste like actual candy sends the wrong message to children. It perpetuates an unhealthy view of food, that food must taste sugary sweet or salty in order for it to be enjoyable.

When giving your child a vitamin, tell then up front what they're eating and why. Children are wonderfully adaptable and I'm certain they won't disappoint you with their response.

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