Allergens, Gluten and Carbs

Whenever possible, Intensive Nutrition Inc. sources hypoallergenic materials. We do this to ensure that our products are suitable for all individuals. Some of our raw materials are derived from allergens but even in these cases the derivatives pose little if any allergy risk (e.g. corn sugar). Below please find more about what we use in our NutriYummies and what kinds of raw materials are used in our facility.
Manufacturing and Allergens: Intensive Nutrition follows strict GMP protocol in the cleaning and sanitation of its manufacturing machinery to reduce cross contamination. Our facility does process a product (Tanalbit) that contains milk.

NutriYummies is free of major food allergens:  NutriYummies is free of the the major food allergens -- milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanut, soy.
NutriYummies and corn:  NutriYummies contains D-Mannitol, a sugar alcohol. D-Mannitol is corn sugar derived but corn sugar does not elicit allergenic responses for those who are allergic or sensitive to corn (Please see this study)
NutriYummies and Gluten: We test our products in house for the presence of gluten. We do not use any raw materials that would traditionally contain gluten so our testing is precautionary. Our NutriYummies is negative for gluten, testing to 10 ppm.

NutriYummies and Carbohydrates: NutriYummies contains a very low amount of carbohydrates and the remaining carbohydrates are supplied from mannitol, a sugar alcohol that is not absorbed by the body. Mannitol does not raise blood sugar levels and does not contribute to tooth decay.